Publicación «The Hero Reloaded»

Es un placer para nosotros anunciaros la publicación de «The Hero Reloaded: The Reinvention of the Classical Hero in Contemporary Mass Media», coordinado por Rosario López Gregoris y Cristóbal Macías Villalobos y publicado por Benjamins. En este volumen encontramos una serie de trabajos sobre la figura del héroe en la Antigüedad y su posterior recepción. Os dejamos aquí el enlace a la web de la editorial (//, la descripción del libro y la tabla de contenidos:

What was a hero in Classical Antiquity? Why is it that their characteristics have transcended chronological and cultural barriers while they are still role models in our days? How have their features changed to be embodied by comic superheroes and film? How is their essence vulgarized and turned into a mass consumption product? What has happened with their literary and artistic representation along centuries of elitist Western culture?

This book aims at posing these and other questions about heroes, allowing us to open a cultural reflection over the role of the classical world in the present, its meaning in mass media, and the capacity of the Greek and Roman civilizations to dialogue with the modern world. This dialogue offers a glimpse into modern cultural necessities and tendencies which can be seen in several aspects, such as the hero’s vulnerability, the archetype’s banalization, the possibility to extend the heroic essence to individuals in search of identities – vital as well as gender or class identities. In some products (videogames, heavy metal music) our research enables a deeper understanding of the hero’s more obvious characteristics, such as their physical and moral strength.

All these tendencies – contemporary and consumable, contradictory with one another, yet vigorous above all – acquire visibility by means of a polyhedral vehicle which is rich in possibilities of rereading and reworking: the Greco-Roman hero. In such a virtual and postmodern world as the one we inhabit, it comes not without surprise that we still resort to an idea like the hero, which is as old as the West.

Table of Contents


From hero to superhero: the update of an archetype
Luis Unceta Gómez

Metamorphosis of the mythical hero in Disney’s Hercules
Antonio María Martín Rodríguez

Κλέα ἀνδρῶν: Classical heroes in the heavy metal
Helena González Vaquerizo

The videogame hero in his labyrinth: The hero in electronic gaming
Cristóbal Macías Villalobos

Horrible deaths, grotesque deaths: Inversion of the heroic model and construction of the reader-viewer
Jesús Bartolomé Gómez

Oedipus in Manhattan: From Sophocles to Woody Allen
Leonor Pérez Gómez

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic. Homer, Joyce and Bechdel: Classical reception and comic hybridization. The heroine explores her sexual identity
Rosario López Gregoris